The reasons why we save money differ from person to person. Some save for their children’s future, their first home, a car, or a dream vacation. My “Why” includes several reasons— one of which is the quality of life for my family.  Some others are a future for my daughter to include college, my elderly Mom, my future past working age (i.e. retirement), ohhh and awesome vacations with my husband.  The lesson here is when you know your “Why”, when you know what you are working towards, it can make it easier to build a budget and you will work harder to stick to it.  The all- powerful “Why” gives you a purpose, it is motivating, and inspires you to work harder to reach your goals.

Your Subconscious Can Work for Your Benefit

Your why can and will always reside in your subconscious and may create thoughts like, we don’t need to eat out, buy grocery and cook at home. Instead of going to the movies, find a free one on Netlfix. Many people think saving money means you can live and have fun when you want, so not true.  Just because you save your money, doesn’t mean you can’t live a good life. In fact, the more you save, the better off you are financially.

No Worries

Imagine not having to stress about bills, debt, retirement or college for your children. Imagine not worrying about taking care of your elderly parents when that time presents itself. And when that vacation you’ve been looking forward to is finally here, you can actually relax without the stress of thinking about your bills. Basically, as soon as your finances are in order, your quality of life becomes better

Saving in abundance is a possibility for everyone who has the mindset and willingness to work for their “Why”.  If you know your why, you will put forth more effort to create your goals and work more aggressively towards your purpose. Let’s discuss several things that will help you get started on the road to budgeting, saving, or decreasing debt in an effort to realize their “Why”.

  1. Set your Goals
  2. Record Your Expenses
  3. Budget your bills
  4. Prioritize your spending
  5. Create a stair step savings plan, start small increase with every month
  6. Go Automated with your savings

If you follow these steps you can sit back and watch your savings grow, enjoy your life and remember it’s that all powerful “why” that will motivate you to reach your goals.

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