People change their relationship with money often during their lifetime.  As their mindset changes so does their relationship with money.  There are 5 steps that I use with my clients to help them see money as an important tool that will help them reach their goals.  A tool that can be used to help them build a financially fit life. The first step is:

  1. Changing Your Behavior

Let’s say you are having a problem overspending, a trip to the mall every weekend is not helping you create a change in your behavior is it? Pin pointing and avoiding your triggers will encourage a new financial behavior.  If going to the mall is a trigger, you may want to change your mindset).  Avoid the mall, this will help you eliminate overspending ….simple right? The answer is a big fat NO, it’s not that easy.  You have to get rid of the need to spend money at the mall.  it something like an addiction.  If you work at it you will experience a behavior change soon.  Next, we need to work on your attitude.

2. Change Your Attitude

Changing your MINDSET is important when your goal is a stretch from your norm.You must change your outlook, see the unseen.  I mentioned working on your behavior. Your attitude is also important, a positive attitude will take you a long way on your financial journey.  You may have shortfalls, emergencies or even loose track. However, if you keep a positive attitude and keep your eyes on your goals, you can make it through anything.

3. Take Action….do the work!

Your attitude and behavior help to change your Mindset. However, you will not get anywhere without ACTIONS.  You must do the work!   Take the time to understand what you want and how you will accomplish the tasks needed to get there.  Then create a plan of action that will help you achieve your goals and tell yourself that you will not stop until to reach the top.  You want to see results.  After all they say the proof is in the pudding (or something like that

4. Expect Results

Changing your Mindset is harder than most people think.  Research shows people tend to revert to their old ways after 2 days of trying something new.  If you work hard on your behavior, attitude and actions you will start to see RESULTS.   Let’s use my example from above. My client likes to shop, but she has decided to stop overspending at the mall…great! She took action and stopped passing time at the mall. Her mindset started changing due to a behavior and attitude change.  Because of the actions she put into place.  My client started seeing results, her savings account grew, she was not broke on payday and she’s paying down more debt.

5. Performance

Have you ever felt totally negative, like nothing was going your way.  Maybe you’ve tried to get ahead financially but one thing happens after another and you can’t seem to make it happen.  Did you know your mindset has a direct impact on your performance?  A negative mindset will create bad performance the same as a positive mindset will create awesome performance.  Now how do we fix the negativity, great question?  In order to change your mindset you must think positive, don’t think about what could happen.  Create a plan to win and if you follow it you will see it manifest a performance in yourself that you have never seen before.  You will start to read more, and search for better ways to use your money.  For example instead of spending, you will look for ways to grow your money.  The most important step is to give yourself time to adjust to the changes a new mindset will bring.

Are you ready to change your mindset?  If you are ready to put in the work and seek results click here for a free discovery session.

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