R.O.C.K. Your Money: 

How I Shifted My Mindset and Money to Achieve Financial Success – and You Can Too.


All financial decisions carry along with it a consequence, whether it’s a good or bad decision. Sometimes the result is a big financial consequence that can have a great effect on you and your family for many years.

As a financial coach, my job is to ensure that my clients are given the education needed to conquer any financial issue. When I was writing this book I wanted to not only reach out to my clients, but I also I wanted to touch the lives of other woman who have never heard the sound of my voice but wish to make a well thought out financial decision.

R.O.C.K Your Money is a guide the savvy money maker can use to create a financially fit life. This book is based on financial knowledge, research, personal experiences and real life lessons learned. It starts with understanding your current state and; if needed being able to change your money mindset to create a better financial future for yourself. Your future is your responsibility but I believe that everything starts with your mindset. If I can guide you in the right direction and equip you with the right tools you will R.O.C.K Your Money every time!


“The key to visualizing your ideal life is to see it in pictures that are so real that you actually form an emotional relationship with what you want.”

~ Felicia Petit-Frere ~

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